Why choose Photostatic to supply your next office machine?

For starters our long experience, Photostatic started way back in 1984! At the time fax machines were the new must have technology. Photocopiers still dominated the market back then though, and many of the copiers being upgraded at that time were still liquid toner models (carrying downstairs as liquid poured out was many a sales persons nightmare!). The copiers of this era were either large heavy beasts or had an easily nudged moving platen, and had very short service life spans.
As time went on we saw that machines became more reliable and service intervals grew, as a result our customers benefited from copy quality that was maintained to a higher standard for longer. Development of Colour machines started to take place and the pathway for the next step was just around the corner.
And so more recently, as computers then became common place, printers and copiers merged (also incorporating fax options, scanning and digital storage), now referred to as digital multifunction devices. We had to then adapt to use IT in order to work within a computer and network environment to fully realise the potential for our customers.
Colour multifunction machines, although available for some time, have now become increasingly necessary for many businesses and again these required a further technical know how to offer them to our customers.
So back to the question: Why choose Photostatic to supply your next office machine? Well with many years of experience in the industry and adapting to the technical changes of the modern office, Photostatic, being a family run independent business, can get to know your needs and have a much more personalised business relationship than any faceless large organisation could ever hope to.
Coupled with the services we offer, new and used equipment, outright purchase or leasing, full service back up and consumable supplies, with a friendly team that won't change from one week to the next, you know you can rely on us to provide you with the sort of old school customer service that is missing in many large conglomerates. If you're in the Sussex and Surrey area and looking for a new machine, why not give us a try? For more information please contact us.